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Segítségünkkel potenciális Ügyfelei gyorsan rátalálnak Önre

Segítségünkkel potenciális Ügyfelei gyorsan rátalálnak Önre


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Számszerűsített adatokkal szolgálunk oldalának látogatottságáról

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Is the website ready but still has no text? Do you not want to write it or do not have the time for it? You are an expert in your own profession, just like us! In addition to creating your web site, we also undertake to upload textual content to it. When writing the textual content of a web site, beyond clarity, authenticity and reflecting the style you want to communicate about your company / business, it is also important to consider how your target community searches for your services on Google. 90% of the webpages whose text was written by us appear on the first page of Google for search terms and phrases.

In addition to web page writing, we undertake the management of blogs, from writing articles to finding and editing legal and royalty-free images.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO - FRIK


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to improve the presence of a web page in search engines. This is basically an internet marketing strategy that takes into account the functioning principles of search engines, people’s search tendency and the words they search for.

A website with good SEO can get ahead without expensive marketing campaigns for example in Google's search engine, which brings you more organic (free) visitors and potential customers.


A well optimized SEO directs relevant leads to your landing page. This is the key to generating organic (not through paid ads) reach. A landing page is good if it is informative, uses the relevant keywords properly and is tailored specifically to get visitors to make a conversion (a successful purchase, a quote, a contact, or anything that works for you).


Determining the content of a web page is imperative because Google considers our site relevant if it contains the searched information. For example, it is important to keep an eye on the proportion of text content on a web page, and therefore, we need blogs, sales text in order for Google to deem us an expert in the given topic and rank our site higher. It's important to find out what is really worth dealing with on our site to get conversions over and over again. It is becoming increasingly common for SEOs to try to get good rank for keywords that do not have high quality content on our site, which in turn tends to make you ranked lower.


A website with proper search engine optimization will be available on all tools provided by Google. Some Google products are necessary for the SEO process itself, such as Keyword Planner or Google Trends. Whatever keywords you are thinking about regarding your new website, it's a good idea to check how frequently that term was searched for over time.


Your site will be truly search engine friendly if it provides the visitors with the information they are looking for. The key is to place high quality content on the pages. It is essential to use keywords, but attention should be paid to avoid their overuse.


A responsive design allows the web page to automatically adjust to the device on which it is displayed; this provides the optimal user experience. One of the most important benefits of responsivity is that the bounce rate is reduced because visitors from mobile devices can use these pages in a completely user-friendly way. Google also monitors your visit/bounce ratio for ranking. There is a simple way to see if you are visiting a responsive web page: when you start to shrink the window by the edge of your browser, notice if that the font size and layout are constantly changing, because if they you do, the page is responsive.


Nowadays, mobile appearance is extremely important, and according to studies, more people surfed the web from mobile devices in 2014, which is probably true for the visitors of your website as well. Since the algorithm update in 2015, Google's search ranking for a given search also depends on whether the page is mobile friendly. Generally speaking, a web page will be mobile friendly (from the user's perspective, not just for search bots) if it is easy to view the page on different sized mobile devices without the need to zoom in or rotate.

H1, H2, H3

The use of headings is very important in the search engines. It is important to take advantage of their potential; in terms of SEO, their length and content is relevant. In general, the headline is the short title of the subject of the page. For example, you can use the H1 block to include the category name, a brief description, and if you have a product page, the name of a specific product. In this case, the text with the H2 heading will be your subtitle which is used to divide the content into smaller, more easily viewable sections. The standard allows the definition of subheadings from H1 to H6. Not only does Google consider our site more relevant with proper use of headlines, but it has been scientifically proven that people like to read well-articulated text more.


Through expertise and reliability, Fehér Rendszerház Informatikai Kft. has been growing confidently since its establishment in 2008. The best feedback from our partners is that we are fair, efficient and flexible. Our work is characterized by fully satisfying the needs of our customers from pre-arranged to on-the-fly requests.


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