Every business executive needs a well-functioning project management system—whether they admit it or not. By implementing our project management system, you will see where you can save time, energy, and workforce, thus increasing the efficiency of your business right away! The system facilitates the launch of new projects and the monitoring of ongoing projects, as it records the pace of progress with those responsible in a transparent system and gives warnings about deadlines. It also gives your customers the ability to make requests or report bugs.

Fehér Rendszerház offers all this in a personalized way, tailored to the needs of your company! The system is easy to use; the time spent on exploring and learning it will pay off many times over.

Minimal investment for the maximum efficiency of your business!



The system provides a framework with capabilities that can be used on their own, but the features can be easily augmented or extended with custom components. The system can be parameterized dynamically.

To facilitate day-to-day management, our system supports several vital corporate areas.


  • Helps in converting the leads to customers as easily as possible
  • Each lead will receive a separate datasheet with a designated responsible person who can take on various tasks with deadlines according to the sales process.
  • A quote can be prepared derived from leads, and an order can be placed directly from this; as a result, the number of administrative tasks is reduced.
  • Thanks to the steps derived from each other, the sales process becomes measurable from start to finish.
  • Any given parameter of the process can be represented in a statistic.

Customer service:

  • Selling is easy, but retaining customers, tracking their needs, and dealing with their complaints in the fastest way is more difficult. Our system helps with this.
  • Each department (e.g. finance, customer service, marketing, etc.) can manage communication with customers in a single interface, yet separate from each other in the form of tickets.
  • Tickets can have case type, class, person in charge, deadline, priority. If a contact belongs to several classes, the process can be divided into tasks so that different departments can work in parallel.


Unique user management and customization provides the system with the ability to record and track employees' workflows. The system also records the work time of the employees.

This module facilitates the work administration of employees. It is possible to record the work hours and holidays of individual employees and to manage and control them on a central interface.



The decision supporting system helps in the achievement of corporate goals with a project-oriented approach. Decision support systems must also be able to provide appropriate support to solve the increasingly more common unstructured problems, and we must accept that only specialized software or development systems can provide this support.

Reports and statistics can be created for the whole company, as well as for parts of the company and its processes. Our system can connect to several external software (e.g. invoicing software, webshop).


With a unique security connection, the system can be safely used in remote work with custom settings. The essence of teamwork is working in a group, the simplest possible flow of information between the parties. You can manage your private and shared calendars on the same interface accurately administering your schedule, checking / booking meeting rooms and other corporate resources, managing leave times, uploading information to the knowledge base and files for your own use or to share with others.


The system has an online part, which is a company presentation and knowledge management portal. The web page fully displays the knowledge of the CRM system.

Whether it is a website presenting a company and encouraging requests for quote or a webshop, we can create this for you in an integrated way with our system.


You can precisely define your business processes with our business management system. Processes can be assigned tasks that can be distributed to employees with the appropriate roles. You can keep track of the status of delegated tasks, busy and free resources, costs and needs associated with each process.


The system supports the day-to-day document management of all departments throughout the organization along a unified document management process. The system enables the electronic storage, record keeping and management of documents and the related electronic administration.


The process control module of the program manages production processes. After defining the exact tasks, an automated system is created. In production, the system displays to each person the task assigned to them, and it enters the next phase after the work is completed.


The system allows you to manage your procurement sources. Their data sheet can be recorded, and purchases can be listed sorted by purchasing sources. Outbound product tracking between sites and customers.


In accordance with the requirements of the financial and accounting regulations, our module continuously monitors the financial performance of the company and meets the reporting and accounting requirements. It is also possible to register, manage and evaluate the tangible assets owned by the company. In connection with the production module, it is possible to manage formulas as well, and the individual components can be managed separately and in aggregate.


Our service management module helps you in the automatic control and monitoring of your processes. It is possible to send notifications to the competent parties on the basis of various parameters (e.g. activities, deadlines / SLA, etc.) inside or outside the system. For example, if a colleague is on the go, they may receive an email notification to log in to your phone because a new task is waiting or a task has not been completed and its deadline has expired. Managers can get a daily summary of open and closed processes, broken down to departments and employees.

PROJECTS—Service management filtered by customers

USERS—Which users are performing the tasks, and how effectively

SUMMARY—Analysis of the complete process management