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About Corporate Management and Processes - Understandably and Entertainingly - Up-to-date news from the world of businesses. E-reports, digitalization - everything that is needed to get a realistic picture of our company and to facilitate everyday work through automatic and semi-automatic tools.

Írott cikkek a weboldalkészítés és az ERP rendszerek világából


Through expertise and reliability, Fehér Rendszerház Informatikai Kft. has been growing confidently since its establishment in 2008. The best feedback from our partners is that we are fair, efficient and flexible. Our work is characterized by fully satisfying the needs of our customers from pre-arranged to on-the-fly requests.


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Phone: +36-30/610-1027


Opening hours: 

Monday- Thursday: 09:30-17:30

Friday: 09:30-16:30


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