FRIK - Website, Webpage audit
FRIK - Website, Webpage audit
Weblap audit
website audit
Weblap audit
website audit

FRIK - Website audit


Every company needs a unique and consistent visual appearance. With its distinctive character and unique features, the image helps to identify, communicate with and, last but not least, significantly influence the first impression of our Customers. We only have one chance to make a positive first impression! Not only does a good image reflect the company's philosophy, style, and attitude, it also addresses the target group and faithfully conveys the message you want to communicate.

The image of your website is your online business card! Beside inspiring confidence and reaching the desired target audience a well-designed, authentic image also helps sales!

Website audit, analysis - FRIK


Through expertise and reliability, Fehér Rendszerház Informatikai Kft. has been growing confidently since its establishment in 2008. The best feedback from our partners is that we are fair, efficient and flexible. Our work is characterized by fully satisfying the needs of our customers from pre-arranged to on-the-fly requests.


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