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Two things are absolutely necessary for web presence: a domain name for the address of your prospective web site and enough storage space. What is a good domain name, and how to choose the perfect storage space?

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The right domain name is short, concise and memorable; just like a good title. It may also be appropriate to use the acronym of name of the company like The choice of suffix is also important.

If you want to operate your business on the domestic market, the .hu domain suffix is the best option. If, on the other hand, the goal is to conquer foreign territories, you will have to choose between .com, .net or .eu, etc. This is important because Google searches the domain suffix when ranking relevant results for each search.

As a result, if your business has a domain suffix appropriate for your area of operations, you are more likely to be found by our target audience. If you need advice on choosing a domain name that suits you or your business, we are here to help!


A good storage space is fast, of high quality, easy to expand and easy to use.  No matter how popular or relevant the site is, if accessing it is slow and unreliable; visitors will continue to search elsewhere. Last but not least, your company can lose a lot due to unreliable storage space services as your visitors will connect the poor quality of the website to the services offered. Keeping your website and storage space up and running is not only important to you, but it is important to us as well since we have a large amount of data stored alongside your prospective website.


Along with the storage space, we also provide an email account service upon request. Annual/monthly email account solutions offer far more versatile, better and more secure services than their free counterparts. This is due to the continuous improvements and the use of up-to-date technology. They are cleaner, faster to use, and show less advertising, spam.