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FRIK - Company information
Company information
Company information


The founder of the company is Tamás Fehér Certified Computer Engineer, whose slogan is “Clear IT.” Since its establishment in 2008, the 12-year-old Fehér Rendszerház Informatikai Kft. has been representing expertise and reliability in IT. Over the years, we have grown a great deal in terms of both numbers and expertise, so today we can safely say that we have not encountered a complex problem for which we could not offer a high-level solution. For us, the recipe for success is simple—we work with ten times more stringent quality expectations than what would be necessary.


  • CMS system
  • Unique web page engine
  • Patented Android tools Smart TV set-top box and tablet We were the first in the country to develop for a smart TV set-top box.
  • Project management systems

A common feature of our colleagues is that IT is not only our work but also our favourite pastime, and therefore, the quality of our projects is raised even further since our corporate and personal growth interests are aligned. Our colleagues are experts in different disciplines, and the essence of our success is that everyone is professional in their own field of interest and also an excellent team player. The staff co-operates extremely effectively, and we are proud to share not only the tasks but also the results achieved.

Our smooth, fast and clear communication is also a great basis for working with our partners. We always plan with them for the long term, and we also require of ourselves to ensure their satisfaction.

Tamás Fehér Certified Computer Engineer - FRIK


Founded: 2008 It has closed a profitable year every year since its foundation.


Managing Director: Diploma in Engineering 2005, ISO Auditor 2010

Executive Liability Insurance: HUF 50,000,000

2013 FRIK patents, registration of proprietary patent

Number colleagues: 9 people

Tax number: 14209790-2-13

EU VAT number: 14209790

Company registration number: 13-09-118073

Account number: 10700268-70470778-51100005

Areas of expertise: Programming, UX, UI, Website Design, Graphics, Online Marketing.


Through expertise and reliability, Fehér Rendszerház Informatikai Kft. has been growing confidently since its establishment in 2008. The best feedback from our partners is that we are fair, efficient and flexible. Our work is characterized by fully satisfying the needs of our customers from pre-arranged to on-the-fly requests.


Opening hours

Our contact details:

Phone: +36-30/610-1027


Opening hours: 

Monday- Thursday: 09:30-17:30

Friday: 09:30-16:30

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